I like to write things.

I wrote (well dictated) my first story to my Aunt Sarah at the ripe old age of 4. It involved such weighty themes as extinction, death (of the dinosaur variety) and resurrection, specifically of my froggy, “only half of him went to heaven.”

Now, twenty years later, I’m still writing, most recently for the AV Club, Bust, Gizmodo, MarySue, Stage & Candor, Film Daily, among others.

Published Writings

A Medievalist's Guide to Decoding the Creatures in Godzilla: King of the Monsters for Gizmodo

The new Godzilla film has got this medievalist thinking a lot about the creatures that are coming to define our time. Check out the full article to see how I unpack the medieval and filmic origins of Godzilla and their monstrous, kaiju friends.

A Medievalist's Guide to Magic and Alchemy in A Discovery of Witches for Gizmodo

Enjoy my delving into the history of medieval alchemy and how medieval scholar and author Deborah Harkness riffs on real history in her bestselling series, now Sky TV show, A Discovery of Witches.

So What Has Actually Changed Since #MeToo Started? for the Mary Sue

#MeToo sparked a revolution. Or did it? In this article, I dig into what laws and regulations have actually been passed since #MeToo.

Five Period Romance Films any Feminist can Love for Film Daily

Films set in the past often portray women set in the past, stuck in worlds that are far more sexist than ours is today. That said, there are a handful of period films that rise above the inherent sexism of the genre to make any feminist proud. Read on to find my recommendations.

The Middle Ages weren’t as sexist as Game Of Thrones would have you believe for the AV Club

Read my ranting and raving about why Game of Thrones should not be used as the litmus test for what the Middle Ages was like, especially when it comes to the ladies.

How A Doll’s House Part 2 and Brett Kavanaugh Taught An Actor How To Listen for Stage & Candor

What does it take to make a nation listen? What about when that same country is in the midsts of the most controversial supreme court hearing in recent memory? Maybe we all just have to learn to listen a bit as I purpose in this personal essay for Stage & Candor.

What Twilight Taught Us About Sex and Virginity for BUST

That’s right, 10 years after Twilight, and we still have to unpack the baggage of our tween obsession. What did Twilight teach our younger selves about virginity? Nothing good certainly.

Adrift could be a better Representation of Female Travellers? for Film Daily

In this piece, I untangle why Hollywood always seems to feel the need to include some romance in films that feature solo female travel. Shailene Woodley’s Tami in Adrift is no different.